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Citation of Merit Requirements
Annual Impact Report Form and Tracking Sheet

Reporting Information and Assistance

District Chairmen Report Form for 5 Major Committees

Auxiliary Emergency Fund
Buckeye Girls State
Children & Youth
Community Service
Constitution & Bylaws
Junior Activities
National Security
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Public Relations
Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation
Call To Service Corps Vista Project


The Auxiliary's Americanism program promotes patriotism and responsible citizenship and strives to uphold and promote American ideals and the principles of democracy.

The goal of the Auxiliary's Americanism program is to educate every citizen on the fundamentals of American government, the Bill of Rights and the value of active, informed involvement in the home, in the Auxiliary organization and in the community. Most successful Americanism programs are cooperative efforts between an Auxiliary Unit and its community, such as the Americanism and Government Test Trip. Contributions donated to the Spirit of Youth Fund by individuals, organizations and members' estates, benefit young people through such programs the National President's Scholarship program.

Chairman: Renee Kohl

Vice Chairman: Mary Ann Dull

2020-2021 Americanism POA

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Auxiliary Emergency Fund

The Auxiliary Emergency Fund is an excellent example of the Auxiliary's dedication to "Women Helping Women." The fund, established in 1969, is supported by contributions from Auxiliary Units and members.

The Auxiliary Emergency Fund was created to provide:

  • Temporary assistance to eligible members during a time of financial crisis when no other source of aid is readily available to pay for shelter, food and utilities.
  • Temporary assistance for food and shelter to eligible members related to weather-related emergencies and natural disasters.
  • Temporary assistance for educational training for eligible members who, because of changes in their life, become the main means of support for their family. This education assistance is meant to help members obtain necessary skills and training needed to enter or re-enter the workforce or needed to upgrade skills and training to obtain a better-paying position. (This facet of the AEF was formerly known as the Displaced Homemakers Fund.)

Chairman: Mindi Rue

2020-2021 Auxiliary Emergency Fund POA

AEF "How To" Sheets

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Buckeye Girls State

Buckeye Girls State is the name given to Ohio's Girls State program, which is designed to educate Ohio's young women in the duties, priviledges, rights, and responsibilities of good citizenship. By getting involved in the process, BGS delegates learn more about city, county, and state government in one week than they will in an entire semester of high school.

Buckeye Girls State hopes to inspire these skills in Ohio's young women:

  • To develop leadership and pride in American citizens
  • To educate Delegates about our system of government
  • To instill in Delegates a greater understanding of American traditions
  • To stimulate a desire to maintain our government process

BGS Director: Rene' Reese

2020-2021 Buckeye Girls State POA

To learn more about Buckeye Girls State, visit or email

BGS Coordinator Vicky Buck at

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The Auxiliary serves both “God and Country" through its Chaplains. Unit chaplains honor the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform and commemorate the lives of the auxiliary members who have served them through prayer and meditation. They serve by brightening the spirits of those in our VA medical facilities. Chaplain programs include preparing prayer books for veterans and units, honoring military families, and helping communities grieve over the loss of a loved one. Chaplains remind us that there is a higher power that allows us to serve our veterans, so we must remember to serve Him.

Chaplain: Carol T. Robinson

2020-2021 Chaplain POA

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Children & Youth

The Auxiliary's Children and Youth program provides care and strives to improve conditions for all children. The program works to preserve the integrity of the family unit and takes a realistic approach to the needs of children by considering the physical and spiritual, as well as the emotional and educational aspects, of each situation. The Children and Youth program cooperates with many other public and private community agencies and organizations and supports essential legislation for children at the national, state, and local levels. In some cases, the program offers direct financial assistance and services to individual children or to the families of veterans. Auxiliary members also contribute to The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation, which was established in 1954 to fund special programs and projects, which emphasize preventative solutions to difficult children's issues. Educating members and the general public about these issues is a primary goal of the Auxiliary's Children and Youth program.

Chairman: Darlene Leiter

Vice Chairman: Vacant

2020-2021 Children & Youth POA

C&Y "How To" Sheets

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Community Service

The Auxiliary's Community Service program is based on the premise that no organization has a right to exist within the community without giving something to that community in return. Community service helps to make our communities better places in which to live. Auxiliary members study community needs, recommend projects, raise funds and donate their time to accomplish their specific objectives. Special attention is given to the selection of each project to ensure that the work of other organizations is not duplicated. Auxiliary Units also provide assistance on Community Service projects sponsored by American Legion Posts and work with other organizations to implement practical, worthwhile projects for the benefit of the community. Some examples include, blood drives, first aid and CPR training, child safety programs, support for women in shelters, donations to shelters for the homeless, tree plantings, recycling programs, and disaster and emergency preparedness programs.

Chairman: Robyn Cooper

Vice Chairman: Becky Dippman

2020-2021 Community Service POA

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Constitution & Bylaws

The Auxiliary's Constitution and Bylaws program encourages Auxiliary members to study and understand the organization's formal written policies and procedures, particularly as they relate to the rights and benefits of membership. Members are encouraged to review the Auxiliary Constitution and Bylaws on an annual basis and may submit ideas for review and possible change.

Chairman: Cyndi Underwood

2020-2021 Constitution & Bylaws POA

How to Write Standing Rules

Model Constitution & Bylaws

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Auxiliary members believe that a solid educational foundation is the cornerstone of American freedom. The Auxiliary's Education program promotes quality education for every child and supports student in their desire to continue their education beyond high school. Auxiliary members work actively with educators and local schools to develop and maintain an educational system that serves the needs of all children at every level. Auxiliary volunteers sponsor and support state and national education legislation; establish new scholarship opportunities for students; alert eligible students to existing scholarship resources; help students identify career opportunities and professional job requirements; and encourage students to plan early for college and apply for scholarship opportunities. To view scholarship opportunities, please visit our Scholarship page.

Chairman: Barbara Benz

2020-2021 Education POA

Education "How To"

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The Finance Committee ensures the sustainability of the Auxiliary as an organization, and provides ways for our Department to operate without a deficiency. It meets many of the business needs of the organization.

Chairman: Donella Kline
2nd Member: Desi Stoy
3rd Member: Beth Toalston

2020-2021 Finance POA

Finance "How To"

Fund Raising Ideas and Information


Incorporating Your Unit Information

Tax Information and Bonding Explanation

IRS Information on Non-Profit Tax Exempt Status

IRS Fact Sheet on Reinstatement

Inclusion Letter

From 1024

General Exemption Determination Letter for Units Departments

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Auxiliary members feel an obligation to preserve the history and traditions of their organization. The history program encourages our members and units to record their service and activities for future generations. While we are celebrating our 90th year, our dedication to remembering the story of the Auxiliary and documenting our current events is even stronger.

Historian: Dayna Beyer

2020-2021 Historian POA

History "How To"

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Junior Activities

Junior membership is offered to anyone under the age of 18 who is an immediate family member of an American Legion member or a deceased veteran.

As the world's largest women's patriotic organization, the American Legion Auxiliary recognizes that female Junior members will be the leaders of tomorrow. Through your volunteerism in the various programs and services involving veterans and their communities, you can learn leadership skills, earn credit for your volunteerism and meet other girls who can become your lifelong friends.

Auxiliary Junior members not only helped our veterans, but they have participated in the following National programs: Girls State, Girls Nation, Service to Veterans, Spirit of Youth Program, and the Junior Patch Program. The Auxiliary-sponsored Freedoms Foundation, which is an Americanism Conference, is held at Valley Forge where history is brought to life for high school students across the nation.

Chairman: Carmella Fugate

2nd Member: Kathleen Richardson

3rd Member: Michelle Zayakosky

2020-2021 Junior Activities POA

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The success of any organization depends largely upon the skill and competence of its leaders. Auxiliary members are vitally concerned with developing present and future leadership within the organization. Comprehensive training courses and materials are offered in every Auxiliary Department and by the National organization. Courses focus on fundamental management and communication skills and outline the basic responsibilities and leadership opportunities, which are available within the many programs of the Auxiliary. Units and Departments conduct leadership workshops with motivational speakers to increase enthusiasm for all Auxiliary programs.

Chairman: Pam Bates

2020-2021 Leadership POA

Leadership "How To"

District Training

Leadership Training Script (to use with slides) Updated!

The Online Senior Course

The Online Senior Course Exam

National Leadership Training Courses

Test Your Journey Knowledge- Test

2020 Guide Part 1 - Unit Members

2020 Guide Part 2 - District Members, President, Chairman

2020 Guide Part 3 - Here for You - Department Officers & Chairman

2020 Guide Part 4 - Conducting a Meeting

2020 Guide Part 5 - Protocol & Conduct

2020 Guide Part 6 - Thinking About Being a Leader

2020 Guide Part 7 - Miscellaneous Topics


Ohio Junior Leadership Slides

Ohio Junior Leadership Script (Use with Slides)

Ohio Junior Leadership Test

Ohio Junior Leadership (Non Power Point Version)

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Auxiliary members are encouraged to get involved and stay informed on local and national issues of special interest to the organization. They keep in close contact with their legislative representatives about issues, which concern veterans, young people and entire communities. Auxiliary members know there is strength in numbers. Many beneficial laws have been passed because of Legion and Auxiliary support.

Chairman: Diann Long

2020-2021 Legislative POA

Legislative Council Application

Legislative "How To"

Legislative Agenda

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The Auxiliary's Membership program conducts ongoing recruiting to ensure the future growth and prosperity of the organization. Unit members work diligently to publicize and promote the benefits, objectives and activities of the Auxiliary and seek out those eligible women who might be interested in membership and active involvement in unit activities. Units, departments and divisions vie in friendly competition against one another as they work toward reaching their individual and organizational membership goals.

Chairman: Colleen Phillips

2020-2021 Membership POA

2020-2021 Department Membership Incentives

Membership "How To"

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National Security

The Auxiliary believes in maintaining a strong national defense and endeavors to educate its members on all vital national security issues. In cooperation with The American Legion, Auxiliary members are briefed on a wide range of topics at local and national meetings and through publications and bulletins. Topics include national and civil defense; crime prevention; emergency and disaster preparedness; and environmental protection. The member's clear understanding of the issues helps to lay the groundwork for community-wide mobilization and support of various national security activities. National activities include the annual Awareness Assembly, a legislative forum in Washington, D.C.; POW/MIA Awareness; crime prevention; and local and worldwide support of USO activities, the military and the ROTC/JROTC programs.

Chairman: Cindy Boehnlein

2020-2021 National Security POA

The Military Family Assistance Fund

The Military Family Assistance Fund is a Department of Ohio American Legion Auxiliary Program developed in order to to come to direct aid of our veterans and their families right here in Ohio.

The program offers financial assistance for eligible veterans and their families. There is money available to assist in covering the costs of maintaining basic family needs such as the costs of shelter, food, utilities, and health expenses. Helping to keep a stable home environment. Funding can include, but is not limited to, family living expenses including rent, mortgage payment and utility bills; medical expenses; childcare for working parents; insurance premiums, and assist with necessary home repairs.

It is not necessary to be a member of the American Legion or American Legion Auxiliary to apply. Assistance is in the form of a grant and doesn't not have to be paid back. We only ask that you “pay it forward” and someday do a good deed for another.

Since its inception in 2012, the Ohio Military Family Assistance Fund has assisted 43 families totaling over $50,000.00 in financial assistance. Think you want to help out. Check out the link below to make a donation.

Military Family Assistance Fund Brochure

Military Family Assistance Fund Application

Letter to Request Funds from Businesses and Organizations & Thank You Letter for said Funds


Auxiliary Units may apply for Wish Funds up to $500.00 per Unit. Units submit an application explaining how they plan to grant a Veteran’s wish and if the wish meets committee approval, funds will be sent to the Unit to facilitate. Upon completion the Unit must then send photo and a report explaining and showing how the wish was granted.

Unit Grant a Wish Application

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Past Presidents Parley

Members who have served the Auxiliary as Unit, Department and/or National Presidents are a valuable resource to the organization. As members of the Past Presidents Parley committee, they put their leadership experience to good use, offering guidance and/or counsel on any activity or problem requiring special support or emphasis Committee members also maintain a scholarship fund for nurses and contribute to the "Women in Military Service" memorial. The Past Presidents Parley is a primary source of support for hospitalized women veterans.

Chairman: Shirley Maurer

2020-2021 Past Presidents Parley POA

Past Presidents Parley "How To"

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The Poppy Program is the oldest and most widely recognized Auxiliary program. Each year around Memorial Day, Auxiliary volunteers distribute millions of bright red crepe paper poppies in exchange for contributions to assist disabled and hospitalized veterans. The program provides multiple benefits to the veterans and to the community. The hospitalized veterans who make the flowers are able to earn a small wage, which helps to supplement their incomes and makes them feel more self-sufficient. The physical and mental activity provides many therapeutic benefits as well. Donations are used exclusively to assist and support veterans and their families. The poppy also reminds the community of the past sacrifices and continuing needs of our veterans. Auxiliary members endeavor to explain the true meaning of this little flower to all those who receive it. The poppy has become a nationally known and recognized symbol of sacrifice and is worn and used by Auxiliary members to honor the men and women who served and died for their country in all wars.

Chairman: Karen Peel
Poppy Shop Director:

Poppy Shop Assistant:

2020-2021 Poppy POA

Poppy Poem

Poppy Resources

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Public Relations

The Public Relations program works to establish and maintain good will within the organization and with the general public and promotes the Auxiliary's many worthwhile programs, events, activities and accomplishments through every available medium. Public Relations performs a dual function. Doing things well and making sure that the public is aware of the efforts and the results ensures continued community support and awareness of Auxiliary programs. Good publicity augments and supports the Auxiliary's recruiting efforts by attracting interested, eligible women and motivating them to become active members. The Auxiliary communicates its programs and mission through its national bi-monthly magazine and our department's quarterly newspaper, the Buckeye Messenger.

Chairman: Cindy Masowick

2020-2021 Public Relations POA

Public Relations "How To"

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Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

The Auxiliary's Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation program provides service and financial assistance to veterans and their families. Auxiliary members are interested in restoring the veteran and his family to normal function - physically, mentally, socially and vocationally. Members provide emotional support and cheerful companionship while attending to the hospitalized, handicapped and homebound veterans' physical comforts. In a single year, veterans' programs utilized the services of more than 100,000 hospital field and home service volunteers who donated millions of dollars and millions of hours to assist veterans. The Auxiliary's gift shops and holiday parties have become an essential part of the VA program. The Poppy program provides therapy and a means of earning money for handicapped and hospitalized veterans and their families. Members work with legislators and congressmen to pass legislation to increase government benefits and assistance for veterans. Essential equipment and supplies are purchased by caring members to upgrade and facilitate the level of care provided in veterans' facilities. Members furnish job assistance, transportation, food, clothing and medicine to thousands of needy, handicapped and homeless veterans. The Auxiliary plays a necessary and important role in the life of America's veterans.

Chairman: Sue Schoefield Fratino
Vice Chairman: Judy Leddy
Hospital Director: Linda Close

2020-2021 Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

VA&R "How To"

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