Forms and Administration

Announced Candidates Form

District Boundaries

2023-2024 Donation Form
Donate to the Department of Ohio.

Buckeye Girls State Endowment Donation Form

BGS Endowment Donation Form


Please return this form to Department Headquarters.

2023-2024 Dues Transmittal Form

Send in your Department dues.

Back Dues Form

2023-2024 Dues Chart Calculation

Member Data Form

To notify Department of name and address changes, deceased members, and Unit Transfers.

New Member Application
For new members of the American Legion Auxiliary.

PUFL Application

The Paid Up For Life (Formerly VIM) Membership Form for lifetime membership in the American Legion Auxiliary.

Please return this form to Department Headquarters.


The Auxiliary Emergency Fund offers grants to members of the Auxiliary who have experienced financial crisis or unforeseen disaster or those who are in need of educational assistance.

Auxiliary Emergency Fund Disaster Grant

Auxiliary Emergency Fund Temporary Assistance Grant

The Military Family Assistance Fund is solely dependent on the generous donations we receive from others. Grants given out this year will be based on those donations.

Military Family Assistance Fund Brochure

Military Family Assistance Fund Application

The Ohio Disaster Emergency Assistance Program offers help to members and Units directly involved in a disaster. Individual members as well as Units may apply for financial assistance.

Ohio Disaster Emergency Assistance Application


2023-2024 Department Headquarters Order Form

Order new Unit information, books, and forms from the Department of Ohio with this form.

2023-2024 PPP Dues Remittance Form

2023-2024 PPP Nurses Scholarship Donation Form

2023-2024 Poppy Order Form

For new Poppy orders.

American Legion Auxiliary Charm Bracelets and Bangles

Charm Order Form

Angelica Expandable Bangles Order Form

Click on "Charms" to see all available charms.

Angelica Expandable Bangles

Grave Marker Emblem Information

Grave Marker Emblem Request Form


Department Constitution & Bylaws - The governing framework of the Department of Ohio

Constitution and Bylaws Suggested from Unit Handbook
A guide to help you in updating your document.

Department Standing Rules - The rules governing the Department of Ohio

2024 Bonding Form - The required bonding form for all Units.

Protocol in an organization reflects customs dealing with ceremonies and etiquette.

Guidelines on Protocol

Basic Parliamentary Procedures

ALA Unit Guide Book - Revised 2021


Citation of Merit Requirements

2023-2024 Program Recommendations - This includes all programs and the awards associated with them.

Annual Impact Report Form - National ALA Consolidated Report

End of Year Reporting Information

Reporting Explanations & Helpful Hints for All

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