VIM and PUFL Membership

VIM membership was established by a resolution adopted at the February 18, 1981, National Executive Committee Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Any member in good standing whose membership dues are paid for the current year may become a VIM member, the National Headquarters Auxiliary Life membership program. The membership status must be verified and application signed by the unit secretary to be valid. A VIM application can be obtained by clicking on the VIM application link located below.

The member purchases a VIM membership with a one-time lump sum payment. A VIM membership also may be purchased as a gift for a member. The cost of the VIM membership is based on two factors: age of the member and the unit dues amount at the time the application is processed.

The VIM Trust Fund is maintained by National Headquarters. The monies from the Trust Fund can be used only to support the VIM program and to pay annual dues per capita each year to the unit, department and National Headquarters. The interest income from the Trust Fund is used to cover the cost of dues increases to the national and department levels.

In February 2010, the American Legion Auxiliary's National Executive Committee agreed that the lifetime membership program would be known simply as Paid Up For Life (PUFL).

VIM Application and Rate Chart

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